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Free Basic Inventory Spreadsheet

I have received a few requests for just a simple no frills inventory sheet.  Not everyone needs a full inventory system like the 86inventory program we are developing over at Food Pro Resources.  If you have a small operation,  perhaps you just want to inventory a few items every week, or you need to inventory items just for a special event, here is a free spreadsheet template you can download.  Just fill in the white blanks and the sheet will automatically make the calculations for you!

Click Here to Download: Basic Inventory

**UPDATE** just added a copy of this document in Google Docs for you to use on any operating system! Click Here to access.


Do you need a custom spreadsheet or template designed?  Email me or follow me (@beingthechef) and tell me what you need.  I will design most sheets for free if we can post them to our Free Template and Download area.

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