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How To Pick A Sales Rep

Do you pick your sales rep? If you’re like most people, you just take whichever salesman walks through the door when your looking for a vendor. Seems OK, right? Well, let me ask you this, would you place a help wanted ad in the paper and then just hire who ever walked in your door from the ad? Of course you wouldn’t!

Your sales rep makes his living off commissions from your purchases, so in essence, he works for you and you should pick a rep just as you would an employee. If you are new or relatively inexperienced, you are going to want a very knowledgeable and experienced sales rep. However, just as an experienced employee demands a higher wage, a top salesman is going to cost you.

My personal choice? I want the newest, greenest, straight out of training sales rep. This may seem counter intuitive, but I’ve got several reasons for this.


Don’t Pay For Knowledge You Already Have

If you know what products you need, and have a good understanding of purchasing, it doesn’t matter if your rep knows all fifteen thousand items they stock. You mainly need someone to make sure the orders are placed, check the routing and get you what you want.


V.I.P. Status

Unless you’re a running a large property (purchasing over $50k per month) you are just another account to a seasoned rep. Most seasoned sales reps will be handling over 40 accounts every week, which doesn’t leave much time for you. A rookie, however, is not only grateful for your business, but will bust their butts to keep it.


Borrowed Expertise From The Vendors Best Talent

Everyone that balked at not have an experienced rep to answer your questions and show you new products, here is your solution. The vendors, spend a lot of time training the new reps and will provide the new reps with mentors and all the extra support they may need.  This works to your benefit, as you now have a team of reps doing everything they can to make the new guy successful and in the process taking far better care of your account than a single rep could do.


Better Pricing


Rookie sales reps are usually on salaries and not commissions and their primary focus is to build territories, not necessarily to make huge profits.  They are willing to cut better deals and sale at lower prices just to keep good accounts.  Also, because the rookie sales rep is mainly focused on building a territory, they are also extra susceptible to the P.I.A. Equation for even better pricing.


All in all, I am more than willing to put up with a couple rookie mistakes, to be able to save some extra money and get the best service available to me!  What’s your opinion?  Share your perspective and what qualities you look for in our comment section.

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