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The P.I.A Equation: 3 Ways To Lower Vendor Pricing

Do you know what determines the pricing you receive from your primary food vendors? Surely it’s some complicated algorithm that takes purchasing volume, average delivery size and location and then performs some mathematical magic and determines exactly what your pricing is….right?  Right? Well yes and no.  All of these factors play a part in your pricing, but the most important aspect of your pricing structure is your sales representative.  Most sales reps won’t admit to having anything to do with your pricing, much less admitting to being a major influencing factor in determining your price margins.  After all, it is far easier to act like there is nothing they can do and it’s big brother’s fault your prices are what they are. The truth is that the sales rep is the single … Read entire article »

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Free Basic Inventory Spreadsheet

I have received a few requests for just a simple no frills inventory sheet.  Not everyone needs a full inventory system like the 86inventory program we are developing over at Food Pro Resources.  If you have a small operation,  perhaps you just want to inventory a few items every week, or you need to inventory items just for a special event, here is a free spreadsheet template you can download.  Just fill in the white blanks and the sheet will automatically make the calculations for you! Click Here to Download: Basic Inventory **UPDATE** just added a copy of this document in Google Docs for you to use on any operating system! Click Here to access.   Do you need a custom spreadsheet or template designed?  Email me or follow me (@beingthechef) and tell me what … Read entire article »

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86inventory Is Looking for Beta Testers

Our sister site, has launched the new 86inventory program.  I’ll post an overview of the features and how it all works soon, but if you want to get in on the beta testing head there now and sign up for a free account. … Read entire article »

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Vendor vs. Store Analysis Sheet

Are you really saving money running over to that discount warehouse club every couple of days?  Use this spreadsheet to help determine exactly what (if any) savings you are actually getting! Download: Vendor vs Store … Read entire article »

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Loving to Hate Inventory

Is It Really Important To Do A Monthly Inventory? Unfortunately, yes it is vital to your operation.  Trust me, I really hate doing inventory and if there was an effective way to get around it, I would! The reality of the matter is that inventory is the bedrock of all your monthly financial statements.  Let’s take a look at the ways inventory is important. Proper Inventory Increases Cash Flow Inventory at it’s most basic definition is your money that has been invested in a perishable product.  I have worked with quite a few chef’s who think high levels of inventory are not a problem since they are subtracted out of your food cost.  “Better to not run out of anything” is a common mantra of this type of chef. Every time I see … Read entire article »

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