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Sous Chefs: The First Follower

In this TED video, Derek Sivers shows just how important the first follower (AKA: Sous Chefs) are to leadership effectiveness.  One of my mentors used to say that a leader without a follower is just out for a walk by himself.  Come on chefs….start a movement! … Read entire article »

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The Back Door Job Theory

Image via Wikipedia I mentor many young cooks who are looking for work and lament to me on how they cannot find a good job.  Almost all of them say that they have spent days or even weeks filling out applications and emailing resumes, all to no avail. The best advice I can give these cooks is get out there and get in front of the manager or the chef who is doing the hiring. Face to face is still the best way to get hired. Most chefs and managers do not have the time to read through an onslaught of emailed resumes, especially since a large portion of these applicants are not properly qualified for the  job anyway. For instance, the last time I placed a job posting on Craigslist, I received … Read entire article »

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Crossing The "Fault" Line

Two Hundred guests had come to dinner that night for a prime rib dinner that was now way over cooked.  I was a sous chef at this time in my life and still had quite a bit to learn about management. Being young, arrogant and driven, I “knew” I was ready to be the chef of my own property, so this was a pretty big blow to my esteem.  The previous week, our dishwasher had been cleaning the alto-sham and must of turned the temperature dial up when he was wiping the front of the equipment. Then on the night we needed to cook the prime ribs, my cook seasoned the beef, through it into the alto-sham, set the timer and walked away never checking the temp. As dinner time approached  … Read entire article »

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